Tradeline Finance Solutions

  • Fund up to 90% of your supplier’s balance
  • Fast and flexible arrangements
  • No asset security required

What Is Tradeline?

Tradeline is simple unsecured finance, helping businesses purchase goods from overseas or domestic suppliers.

• We can fund up to 90% of the cost price, in just about any currency

• No property is required as security

• There is no minimum term, or lock in contract

• No ongoing fees or costs associated, so can be used on an ad-hoc basis

• Flexible credit solutions on 30, 60 or 90 day terms.

Flexible terms

Tradeline is unsecured and doesn’t impact your banking arrangements. What’s more, the terms are 30 to 90 days, allowing you to buy stock and sell it before you have to pay for it.

Fast and easy approval

We typically have your finance approved in within just a few days.

Access Overseas support

With people in China, New Zealand and Australia we can negotiate directly with your suppliers to ensure payment is made on time.

How It Works

48 hour Approval

Funds are ready to draw within 5 days following your application

We pay your supplier within just a few days

We pay your supplier. For importers, this is on acceptance of the Bill of Lading

An ongoing line of credit facility

Once paid off, the line of credit is yours to use again and again

How much can I borrow?

Enter the amount of money your supplier has invoiced you:


You could borrow up to:

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What do you need to qualify?

To be an Australian registered business with an ABN
Purchase orders or a Bill of Lading from overseas or local suppliers
Cash to pay at least 10% deposit on the invoice

Tradeline Case Study

This importer of homewares and children’s toys needed to land stock urgently for the Christmas period. The bank was unable to deliver and the goods were being held in the docks in China. The supplier needed payment fast!

Our Chinese Tradeline team was able to liaise directly with the suppliers, confirm that the finance had been approved, arrange for payment to the supplier and secure the release of the goods for shipment.

The toys arrived in time for Christmas and our customer was able to deliver all the committed orders, delivering a very successful Christmas trading period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tradeline is a simpler alternative to traditional trade finance. It is simply a line of credit that can be used to quickly pay suppliers, enabling businesses to take possession of goods and turn them into cash before having to pay for the stock. The limit can be used repeatedly.
Typically, from USD $5,000 to $2,000,000. Larger requests can also be considered.
Up to 90% of the purchase price.
Facilities are typically approved within 5 business days.
Tradeline can be used for both raw materials and finished goods. In fact, so long as the goods are legal, Tradeline can be used for almost any type of goods.
Yes. Whilst Tradeline is used regularly to pay overseas suppliers it can also be used to assist with the payment of local suppliers.
A range of supplier payment options are available. On most occasions suppliers are paid via telegraphic transfer however Letters of Credit are available. Alternatively, we can pay via bank documentary collection.
Tradeline does not require security such as a mortgage or a charge over your company meaning you won’t need to put your family home at risk.
No. We do not require charges or releases from your bank so there is no impact at all on your banking or other finance agreements.
Yes. Tradeline is available in USD, AUD, GBP and NZD. If a supplier needs to be paid in another currency, such as EUR, we can accommodate this request.
The maximum term is 90 days from shipping date or invoice date (for domestic suppliers).
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Find out if Tradeline is the right solution for you.